Marketing Tips

29th Nov 2016
What's a USP and why is it vital to your business success?

When the market is crowded, and your products or services look a lot like those being sold by your competitors, how do you stand out?

10th Dec 2014
Blogging for Busy Businesses

You want a blog but you don't want to write it? Here's how...

19th Sept 2014
Coming to Twerms with Twitter

As a freelancer and a would-be author, how do I cut through the noise and make the most of Twitter?

27th Feb 2014
What's your USP?

Every product or service - or book - needs to stand out from the crowd

27th Feb 2014
QRious about QR Codes?

What are those weird chequerboard squares all about?

7th June 2013
A Coffee Break Story: Food for Thought in Brussels

Coffee Break Story: Food for Thought in Brussels

1st Feb 2013
Which half is working for you?

Which half of your marketing budget is working? It's a leading question.

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