29th Nov 2016
What's a USP and why is it vital to your business success?

When the market is crowded, and your products or services look a lot like those being sold by your competitors, how do you stand out?

3rd Feb 2015
You've written your book. Now what?

There's more to getting a book in front of an audience than just writing it. I should know. I've just done it.

10th Dec 2014
Blogging for Busy Businesses

You want a blog but you don't want to write it? Here's how...

27th Feb 2014
What's your USP?

Every product or service - or book - needs to stand out from the crowd

27th Feb 2014
QRious about QR Codes?

What are those weird chequerboard squares all about?

1st Feb 2013
Which half is working for you?

Which half of your marketing budget is working? It's a leading question.

18th Aug 2012
The Delightful Delusion of Shopping TV

The language of persuasion - Shopping TV has it all going on

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