Short but not so Sweet

I’ve been thinking lately about writing a little fiction again. Those who know my blog - or more particularly, knew it before it went all healthy, diety and weight-lossy back in January 16, will know that its roots lie in my passion for writing fiction. I began the blog whilst penning my first (and so far only) novel, Singled Out.

With Singled Out published and selling on Amazon, I expected my attention to turn to Novel Number Two. I went away on a week’s writing retreat and came home with a plot, characters and story outline. I began writing, and made it all the way to… Chapter 5. They’re short chapters, so that’s about nowhere, in terms of the overall story.

I ran out of steam for one reason – a growing feeling that I should be spending less time at my desk, and more time getting active. I’ve made getting healthy and fit my priority for 2016, and this mission-critical objective does not sit well (no pun intended) with spending evenings and weekends sat on my office chair, writing my novel – that being in addition to the five days a week that I spend sat on my office chair, writing scintillating copy for my clients. So m’lud, the writing has been taking a back… umm.. seat.

Before I took the arguably insane route of attempting to write a novel, I’d written a few short stories. They were for practise, to flex my writerly muscles. I’m not sure they’re all that good, but I posted them to the blog and they garnered a little feedback. Once I tore into my novel it took over, and I never looked back to those short stories. Now, I’m wondering if I might try out one or two ideas, to have a little fun with fiction again, but in small bites. I know short stories aren’t just novels, shortened; they’re a different kind of animal. But it might be fun to dip into my Ideas notepad and just… you know… write something… short.

Whilst I dither about what to write, I thought I’d point curious readers to a couple of original short pieces, buried deep within the last 3 years’ blog posts. Enjoy, if you will.

It’s what was Whispered About

The Play

11th July 2016

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