Story time

Sometimes, you need a little more than a conventional description of your products or services; when the way things work is a little complicated, or when what you do is – dare I say it – a little on the unexciting side. What you need is a different way of presenting things, where imagination and creativity is put to work to put your message across whilst entertaining your customers. Here’s where Coffee Break Stories come in!

Coffee Break Stories are light-hearted, entertaining short stories – fiction, not fact – which engage the reader and communicate in a subtle, low-key way, something about your products or services. They can follow a fixed theme, or build up over a few months into a more substantial narrative.

Coffee Break Stories are to give the reader a mini-message about what you do in an engaging short story – something they will want to take the time to read.

Time for a cuppa?

Coffee Break Stories are written especially for your business. Each one is individual - telling your customers about you whilst giving them something to smile about. You can choose the style and subject matter, or leave it to me.

Coffee Break Stories are ideal for newsletters and web sites. They make a unique contribution to your brand and communicate your corporate personality and style.

Says who?

"Julie is very quick to pick up the nuances of the customer value proposition..."

Chris Smith, European Manager - Blackbay Ltd

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