Even in buoyant times – and particularly in today’s more challenging commercial environment – it’s not enough simply to open your doors and wait for customers to come flooding in. Sadly, they won’t.

If only things were that simple.

But there are plenty of ways to attract customers. In my  Marketing Discovery Workshop for business owners and managers, you’ll learn about your market environment and what it is that you’re really selling. You’ll clarify your proposition, define target markets, refine your messages and plan communications and promotional activities to attract real buyers. The workshop takes place at your site, for up to 6 people. It can be tailored to your specific needs, over one or two days.

Contact Julie to discuss how a Marketing Discovery Workshop could revitalise your business communications.

You will find out

  • Why people buy - the one thing you need to understand about your potential customers in order to convert them into buyers
  • Where to find your customers
  • How to grab their attention - and hold on to it!
  • How to get customers coming to you
  • How to ensure you have no competition
  • How to build a compelling proposition for your products/services
  • How to keep your customers coming back for more

What else?

In addition to getting a clear picture of exactly what it is you're selling, and to whom, you'll build a marketing action plan you can put into play the very next day.

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