Bids with bite

Talented salespeople are great at uncovering business and making things happen. But too often, they struggle when it comes to producing a written proposal.

With a background in IT/telephony sales, I have worked with complex technical proposals for 20 years. I understand solutions-based selling, bid processes and document management. I support salespeople with production of proposals, RFIs and other bid documents using my experience of the sales process, wordsmith skills and document management capabilities.

This support can include:

  • Identifying the answers to the question, "why this solution, from this company", to deliver a clear benefits-focused proposition, particularly at the Executive Summary level.
  • Turning every section/paragraph/response into a clear and compelling sales message.
  • Tailoring standard responses to meet the specific needs of individual prospects.
  • Managing and combining responses from several contributors, for example, sales, technical support, legal, etc, to deliver a coherent writing style.
  • Developing the template/framework for a streamlined and navigable document.
  • Ensuring the prospect’s instructions for the submission are fully observed.
  • Creating standard proposal template documents for situations where no response format is specified by the prospect.
  • Creating a database of standard responses for commonly asked questions, both technical and corporate/commercial. This can significantly reduce the time taken to pull together future proposals.
  • Establishing a timetable for the response process and working to tight deadlines.

Contact Julie to discuss how I could support your sales team and help raise the quality and impact of your written proposals.

Says who?

"Thank you most sincerely for your outstanding efforts on behalf of the project team. We would not have made it to the finishing line without your commitment, determination and professionalism. There was no doubt at all that you immersed yourself fully in the project and that, in so many respects, you were a vital contributor to the content and quality of the response. You were a real pleasure to work with."

Charles Cruse, Project Manager - RAC Plc

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