Making you look good

My business is about making your business look good, to your prospects and customers. I work with businesses in every sector but have a particular focus on companies within the technology industry. See why, here.

I can help you get closer to your target market, by spotlighting the best ways to reach the right people, running campaigns of every kind and creating powerful copy that hits the spot.


What are you really selling? What will it do for your customers? Where are you going to find them? Why should they buy from you? Find the answers to these questions and more with a Marketing Discovery Workshop. >>>

Well constructed, creative, jargon-free, copy for every kind of business communication; brochures, white papers, newsletters, fact sheets, articles, case studies, mailshots and more. >>>

Combining document skills with an in-depth understanding of the sales process to develop proposals which clearly articulate the value proposition and sell, sell, sell! >>>

A unique approach to marketing, fictional Coffee Break Stories spotlight your products and services whilst entertaining your readers. They make a great regular feature for your newsletter. >>>

Imagine...'s a year from today... Your business has more customers than ever before.

Each one is generating more profit - larger, more frequent orders. The lifetime value of each customer has shot up and you're winning more new business every day.

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