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Thank you most sincerely for your outstanding efforts on behalf of the project team. We would not have made it to the finishing line without your commitment, determination and professionalism. There was no doubt at all that you immersed yourself fully in the project and that, in so many respects, you were a vital contributor to the content and quality of the response. You were a real pleasure to work with.

Charles Cruse, Project Manager - RAC Plc

Thirty Six Digital

I have known Julie for many years. Her technical knowledge, creativity and the fact that she knows our industry inside out is why I am so lucky to have her in my corner. It is always a pleasure to work with Julie, who is always so happy and so patient! I would always recommend Julie.

Ryan Mittleman, Owner - Thirty Six Digital

Rhinns Marketing Services

Thank you so much for the marketing brochure ... it captures precisely what I wanted to say, but could not say it as well as you!

Shona MacLean, Director - Rhinns Marketing Services

Wrightwell Editorial Services

This is excellent. I shall run out of superlatives.

Kathy Lawrence, Owner - Wrightwell Editorial Services

Nomis Connections Ltd

Thank you; a very productive and thought provoking workshop.

Simon Lincoln, Director - Nomis Connections Ltd

Customs Clearance Ltd

If you knew how many positive comments I get on the website, you'd be crying with happiness - so I won't tell you..!

Rudee Bertie, Managing Director - Customs Clearance Ltd

Anthony Fieldhouse & Co

Many thanks for completing the copywriting of my new website. The style is excellent. It is clear and easy to read and conveys just the right impression of efficiency and friendliness which I was looking for.

Tony Fieldhouse, Chartered Surveyor - Anthony Fieldhouse & Co

JK Personnel

Julie has been a pleasure to work with, she is inventive and delivers outstanding pieces of work. She understands your business and aims within the first meeting. Julie is someone I would always work with and definitely recommend.

Van Kotedia, Managing Director - JK Personnel

Aastra Telecom Ltd

A special thank you to Julie, for her tireless effort, support and delivery, which helped us represent a united front for Marketing.

Bev Martin, Marketing Manager - Aastra Telecom Ltd

Blackbay Ltd

I have used Julie's expertise in preparing sales proposals over a number of years. Julie has a unique talent in that she is able to combine Microsoft office skills with an in-depth understanding of the sales process and the importance of the proposal within it. She understands that the proposal needs to tell a compelling story and continue to sell once the sales team has left. Julie is very quick to pick up the nuances of the customer value proposition and how this can be brought to life in the proposal. Once Julie has been engaged on the sales campaign she becomes just another member of the sales team, working to the same tight deadlines, that always accompany any proposal and providing valuable independent insight on how the proposal can become a winning one. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie to other companies, provided of course they are not competitors!

Chris Smith, European Manager - Blackbay Ltd

East Berkshire PCT

Julie is open and honest about herself which lends itself most appropriately to her approach to work and encouragement for her work colleagues. In all our exchanges Julie was reliable and showed integrity and sensitivity. She met agreed deadlines and produced a high and competitive standard of information. Julie has an adaptable work style effective with both teams and individuals. She is able see both sides of a situation and delivers totally impartial and beneficial advice. Julie's range of skills and experience both personal and professional equip her most fittingly to support the business community, equally growing people's ability and the organisation's successes.

Michele Hodkinson RGN, Gold Standards Framework Project Mgr - East Berkshire PCT

Lisa Roberts Photography

Your Marketing Discovery Workbook is invaluable. The time we spent working through it was the most amazing learning curve, which gave me a real insight into not only the best way to market my business but also a clear view of my values and how best I can look after my customers.

Lisa Roberts, Owner - Lisa Roberts Photography

Priory Training

I really did mean it when I said it was a model presentation - you have a lovely style, a clear and warm voice, friendly and accessible manner and a happy sense of humour.    Very good visuals, well-structured information and a nice relationship with your audience.

Sandy Collison, Owner - Priory Training

Market Reach Ltd

Julie is a first class professional, who supported our business with significant marketing, PR and business development expertise. Julie was flexible, reliable and a valuable member of the team.

Gary Hitching, Managing Director - Market Reach Ltd

Andrew Cassidy

I think the feedback from your review of my marketing materials is excellent. Your suggestions are very practical and pertinent.

Andrew Cassidy, Corporate and Executive Coach - Andrew Cassidy

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