Creative communications


Before they buy from you, customers need to know who you are, understand what problems you solve and believe you're the supplier best able to help them.

That's marketing, plain and simple.

An experienced marketing professional, Julie Lawford works with businesses to develop their marketing strategies and programmes, create persuasive propositions and deliver high-impact communications of all kinds, designed to identify, engage and persuade.

Need to raise

your game?

Not enough leads?

Marketing not delivering results?

Sales not growing fast enough?

Not sure what to do about it?

Customer loyalty issues?

Profits static?

Brochures looking tired?

Looking for fresh ideas?

Proposals lacking impact?

Mailshots not hitting the spot?

Have plans but lack resources?

Says who?

"Julie is open and honest about herself..."

Michele Hodkinson RGN, Gold Standards Framework Project Mgr - East Berkshire PCT


29th Nov 2016
When the market is crowded, and your products or services look a lot like those being sold by your competitors, how do you stand out? >>>

11th July 2016
My fiction-writing muscles are twitching again >>>

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